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At Yash Consulting, we have created all the necessary systems required to accomplish the mission. We have a dedicated team of experts who have the discerning eye for hidden talent. Our resourcing professionals known for their adroitness laboriously screen through thousands of profiles and identify the perfectly suitable professionals according to the client's requirements. Each arena of knowledge, discipline and virtually every domain of IT activities are dealt exclusively by the specialist professionals to make absolutely sure that the right talent is spotted and counseled.

  • Preliminary interviews and screening tests are arranged for matching profiles / shortlisted candidates for every client's specific requirement.
  • Client interviews are arranged for the short-listed candidates at the venue mooted by the client and time mutually agreed by the company and the candidate.
  • We also arrange to conduct interviews with the aid of the best available technology and gadgetry.
  • Detailed Reference Checks on candidate(s) who have been selected for hire, before the offer is formally extended. If required, we could also help conduct a background check on these candidates, through appropriate agencies.
  • Plans are afoot to provide for Video Conferencing mode of technical and personal interviews and this facility might fructify very soon.


Talent, sheer talent is essential, vital for every organization but it is latent and can be discovered and tapped only through the most scientific and methodical approaches in Human Resources Management. Yash Consulting employs the most scientific tools and the modus operandi in harnessing the most meritorious and genial professionals. Besides, it's most envious client base, which includes the most prestigious and prosperous Fortune 500 client base has facilitated the career growth of hundreds of professionals in various fields to realize their dream careers. Yash Consulting Spells Quality.

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